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Registration in Russia

Visa to RussiaEvery foreign citizen arriving in Russia on visa or without visa (for visa-free regime), as well as non-citizen in accordance with Federal Law є 109-FL dated 18 July 2006 must be registered within 7 days from the arrival. Day of arrival is the first day.

The essence of Russian visa registration – notice of arrival, residence address, the host side and the number of days is spent directly to the Office of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) and is linked to the address where guest will live in Russia.

According to the government decision RFє654 of 04.08.11 Office of the Federal Migration Service informing about forigner departure WAS CANCELLED.

To obtain visa to Russia registration you must submit following documents:

- Copy passport (key page which shows name, date of birth, etc.);
- Copy Russian visa (does not apply to citizens of countries which has an agreement on visa-free and non-citizens);
- Copy migration card (issued at the border);
- Completed notice of arrival;
- The personal presence and documentation of the host side (legal/natural person).

When foreign citizen stays at the hotel, the hotel staff is engaged in the issue of registration. You should remember that the hotel would issue registration only for the period of residence. When a foreign citizen leaves the hotel “A” and moves into a hotel “B”, the hotel “A” remove him/her from the registration and he/she will have to register again at the hotel “B”.